Tulips Still to Come

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 01:14 -- Sam

With the first few tulips starting to bloom, the big question is what's next? So far we've seen one of our early variety tulips burst into bloom, Pirand Emperor Tulips, but we ordered four other kinds of early blooming Emperor Tulips. This coming week, we should hopefully start to see Yellow, Orange, White and Pink Emperors too. After the Emperors, there will be a big splash of variety. We ordered over a dozen different types of middle season tulips and they're scattered up and down the street. The middle season varieties should bloom together. Six types of late tulips will follow in flower beds to conclude the season. There is also a wildcard in the mix. We have no idea what the donated bulbs from Edmonds and the Public Gardens are. They're "tulip surprise."

If anyone is interested in learning more about where our bulbs came from, everything that isn't Tulip Surprise was imported from Holland from a family run Dutch firm CJ Ruigrok. If you want to see some of the tulips to come, look under the tulip tab (Darwin, Emperors and Single Lates) on their website http://www.ruigrokflowerbulbs.com/